Electric Scooter or Electric Bike

Electric Scooter or Electric Bike: Which is Better? Comparison of E-Scooter & E-Bike in 2021

Electric Scooter or Electric Bike? As this era 20th century started, personal electric mobility, particularly e-scooter, and e-bike increases so rapidly that it replaced the whole market of traditional transportation. When sneaking your way through crowded cities, these personal electric vehicles are more affordable, powerful as well as convenient.

Also, with this increasing trend of electric mobility, you are puzzled about which electrified two-wheel vehicles you must spend your hard-earned money on. I'm one who tries different variants of these electric vehicles, constantly monitoring the pros and cons of each, so I'll help you. We will discuss some general points that will help you a lot.

Mileage / Riding Distance

When it comes down to mileage range, it becomes important how far your electric vehicle will cover before you need to plug it in. E-bikes range varies hugely. On a battery with maximum power, you can get a range of around 45km. In Contrast, on the paddle, you can get a range of 100 km, which is very impressive. This outstanding make e-bikes super versatile when it comes to getting as far as you need it to take you.

Mountain bikes can take lead in the sense that you can ride them without charge and still travel quickly. Unless you are in great shape, cycling for 10 kilometers (about the height of Mount Everest) can get tiring. The range of e-scooter depends on several factors, rider weight, usage as well as a riding surface. However, 45 km is the standard range for an e-scooter. Making it ideal for a short journey or playing.


Price / Cost

Cost is certainly fundamental consideration when deciding between an electric bike and an electric scooter. E-bikes start at around £1,000, whereas e-scooters start at around £300.

To charge an e-scooter costs few cents per full charge. Maintenance on an E-bike is a little easier and comfortable than working on an E-scooter. This is a huge win for the e-scooter which provides a cheap as well as alternative to a car or public transport.



E-bike or e-scooter has to be portable while riding in or out of the buildings. Average scooter is lighter as well as smaller than an average bike.

The e-scooter takes lead in this department. Its lightweight and flexible design mean it can simply fold up and can be carried easily. One of the lightest e-scooters around is the H10-D Electric Scooter, weighing in at around 10kg.

In Comparison, E-bike weighs around 30 kg. If you are in search of a portable e-bike then Top 760 Electric Bike is the best one with around 26 kg weight. Top 760 retains its ability to fold into a carriable cube.



An electric scooter can be ridden like a regular non-electric scooter. But it will be a weird, uncomfortable, inefficient ride for risers who take it for exercise. E-Scooter is much harder to push and maneuver through doors rather than an E-bike.

Electric bike takes a lead they are easier to move around and get on an elevator. The bike not only gives you a great cardio workout, but also the world’s favorite sports, hobbies, and workouts.

In fact, one European study last year showed e-bike riders tend to get more exercise than those on regular bikes, simply because they tended to ride further and more often. You can store an e-bike inside or in the trunk of a car. Best foldable bike is needed because an E-bike weighs more than average.



E-bike is safer than e-scooter due to big wheels. The big wheels and heavier frames mean better stability and steadiness, but also the larger size of a bicycle should also make you more visible on the road. Ebikes also have fat tires for more safety for the rider. E-scooters take the excel for night riding. E-scooters have more built-in lights for clear visibility and also have indicator lights for safer night driving in traffic.



E-scooter and e-bike, both vehicles being limited to 15.5mph by law. In the category of bike, Top 760 electric bike is the fastest with 25kph. While on another side, is the fastest with max speed of 25km.

In the US, e-bikes range is usually limited to either 20mph or 30mph. In Europe, most e-bikes are limited to 25 kph or 15.5 mph. Some places allow 45 kph e-bikes, but they are usually classified as mopeds, requiring insurance and a license plate.

Is an Electric Scooter faster than an Electric Bike?

An electric scooter can be faster than an electric scooter. But when we discuss affordable e-scooters they are not so much capable of high speed. An e-scooter can reach top speeds of 100 km/h than a topspeed e-bike.


Electric Bike

Electric Bike is a desirable choice for you if you consider these features:
  • They are suitable almost everywhere. Can be used in cities, long-distance roads, uphill and downhill off-road tracks, etc.
  • Have higher prices, especially when it comes to specific road and mountain bikes.
  • Moderate to high weight (ranging from around 14 kilograms to 28 kilograms).
  • Similar to an electric scooter, an electric bicycle with a folding design can be packed in the car trunk or in a carriable cube without taking too much space and assembled whenever needed.
  • Best for health and exercise.
  • No need for a license.

Electric Scooter

Electric Sooter is the perfect choice for you while considering these features:
  • Low maintain costs
  • Low weight
  • Affordable price
  • Great portability as well as storage capability (You can easily park it under your desk!).
  • Mainly used in an urban environment.
  • Unlicensed hence quicker to adopt.
  • No need for a license, inspection, and registration.



Electric Scooter or Electric Bike: Which is Better? Comparison of E-Scooter & E-Bike in 2021


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