We here at Nabi Boards pore over our customers to be of prime importance. We recognize the need of respecting your privacy, as such we would always be ready to tell you how we protect your personal information. As far as your personal information is concern, we will never have the tendency to sell your information to any third party.

Personal Information acquired by us:

When you, the user, access our website, we are required to monitor or log several forms of data. These may include but aren’t limited to: IP Address, your name, ISP, Location, Browser used to open the site, the time you stayed on the site, which product or pages you opened, and any other information that we are legally required to obtain. Rest assured, every website in the world does this, some sites will mention this when you open them, others won’t. We have a legal obligation to abide by this regulation. We will never sell, rent, or otherwise release your personal information to parties outside of Nabi

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